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Burglar Bars are fixed steel barriers that are custom made and installed over windows to protect the property from a break-in.

Defendoor is a leading local manufacturer of burglar bars. We manufacture fixtures and cottage pane burglar bars to fit any size window.

All our burglar bars are manufactured from high grade steel. We do not believe that manufacturing burglar bars out of plastic or nylon is effective in preventing burglars from accessing your home.QUOTE me on Burglar Bars↓

Burglar Bar Photos

We have various kinds of Burglar Bars available

DX222 - Fixture

This DX222 Burglar Bar Fixture was developed to be a high security Burglar Bar. The DX222 Fixture was developed over two years of research and development and is the strongest Burglar Bar we have ever seen.

DX420 - Fixture

The DX420 Burglar Bar Fixture was the first Burglar Bar that Defendoor began manufacturing in 1995 and has undergone substantial improvements over the years, with a design that does not put slots into the vertical bars ensuring a much stronger burglar bar versus other burglar bars on the market.

DX310 - Fixture

The DX310 Burglar Bar Fixture is our entry level Burglar Bar specifically designed for townhouses. This model burglar bar has been on the market for almost 10 years. It has proven to be great security at an affordable price! Get a quote from us today.


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